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I designed the base of the tricopter using Google Sketchup then exported it to SVG for Inkscape. Using the Inkscape files I had the design laser cut and shipped to me by You can get your own cut out of various materials from my Ponoko showroom. The total to have it cut and shipped was $28.53 for 5mm birch plywood.
For control Ill be using a Spectrum DX7 radio and a KK Multicopter controller.

The design is based on this one from

I updated the pictures showing some progress. It will fly but I haven taken it outside yet because of the weather. Snow and the electronics don’t mix if it crashes. Until the weather improves, a couple inches off the ground in the living room will have to do. I still need to mount the battery better, isolate the board from vibration, and balance it it out for best performance.