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My Yamaha XS650 after some work.

A couple years ago I bought a beat up Yamaha XS650 from a scrap collector on craigslist. The bike looked like it was a hacked up project someone else gave up on. I bought it as a not running bike with no title. The first step was to get a title. No point in putting money into it if the state wont let you call it yours. I went to the Minnesota DMV in Roseville and the guy said “Nope we cant get a title for it”. So I went to a different DMV in Circle Pines. They said all I need to do is fill out a “statement of facts” and the title application. I Did all that then started ripping it apart while I waited for the state to say anything about the title. About a month later I got the title in the mail. That was easier than I thought it would be.

I built the whole bike with basic hand tools, a mig welder and a cheap paint sprayer. The engine ran ok after going through the carbs but it leaked oil out of the side of the head and the cam chain was loose enough to make noise. I rode it like that for a season and took it apart the next spring.  I was surprised how little wear was on the engine. I have no idea what kind of mileage was on it because it didn’t come with the gauges. Very low low from the looks of the internals and brake disks. I cleaned all the carbon off the pistons and the head. Honed the cylinders, new cam chain, new rings, new gaskets, and some new all brass head bolt washers instead of the rubber ones from the factory. The rubber ones are the cause of the oil leaks all XS650s have, had, or will have. Now it runs like new and rides like an old classic.

Heres some build photos.

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