Craft Exchange

I signed up for an online craft exchange where I have to make a craft related gift for a complete stranger. All I know is the persons name, they do card making, and they wear jewelry. I always thought of crafts as popsicle sticks and yard ornaments, but I guess my stuff counts as crafts. I decided to make my giftee a pair of earrings. I found some really small vacuum tubes at Axe Man Surplus here in the Twin Cities. I used copper foil to wrap around the pins of the tube. Soldered it with lead free silver solder to make it look nice and hold it together. I then used some copper wire coiled on the top and soldered that to the foil making a cap with a loop to attach the earring hooks. I used Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover to polish the soldered tops to a shine.

I also wanted to make a gift box to put them in. At Michael’s craft store you can buy plain wooden boxes for around $2. I broke off the handle that was on it because it was crooked and didn’t really fit with my idea.  I sanded the corners and edges to make it feel nicer. And for fun, burned the schematic for the tubes heating element into the top.

Then I cut and fit some foam using my homemade hot wire cutter. Someone else on another forum has instructions if anyone is interested in making one.

I stained and polyurethaned the wood box. And covered the foam with orange crushed velvet (they didn’t have teal). I hope she likes it!


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